The Singularity Film
Posted on August 29th, 2009 at 2:58 pm by jaffa

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The Singularity Film: Will we survive our technology?
A documentary by Doug Wolens.

“According to Ray Kurzweil the Singularity will likely occur in 12908 days or about 35 years.”

Der Film soll Ende 2009 fertiggestellt werden.

The Future of Suburbia
Posted on August 13th, 2009 at 6:19 pm by jaffa

Designed By: Alexandros Tsolakis / Irene Shamma. CC 2.0, some rights reserved.
AIRBIA: A Suburban Airship und Dwell Magazine haben zu einem besonderen Designwettbewerb aufgerufen: Mit Blick auf die Krise amerikanischer Vorstädte – diffuse Infrastruktur, steigende Energiekosten usw. – und speziell das Problem der Resourcenknappheit wurde von Seiten der Organisatoren nach nachhaltigen, visionären Lösungen für die Zukunft der Vorstädte gefragt.
Zu den Finalisten gehört unter anderem auch oben gezeigtes “Luftschiff”, das tatsächlich durch Zeppelintechnologie inspiriert ist:

“Airbia proposes a new eco-friendly and efficient transportation system linking the suburbs and city centre. [...]
The proposed network bases its flexibility on the limited required infrastructure (just overground platforms) and facilities, easy hovering, landing and passenger access. The target is to develop a set of routes covering nodal points of the suburbia, travelling all the way to the borders of the city centre creating a ring around it. This network would potentially replace the use of cars and trains as transportation between the suburbs and the city centers.

Hier die “Top Twenty Finalists”:


The Rewilding: A Metaphor
Posted on August 2nd, 2009 at 10:04 pm by jaffa

Eine Zukunftsvision des kanadischen Science Fiction-Autors Karl Schroeder:

“In my little scenario this runs through all the levels that we’ve talked about. There is organisational rewilding, and you guys are involved in it. Open Source, where you replace top-down, hierarchical carrot-and-stick-control with different means of incenting. Wikinomics, the Slashdot method of site managment, Wikipedia, where basically knowledge organizes itself from the ground up. Crowd sourcing, collective intelligence and open government [...] All these ideas and buzzwords that are going around, all involve the idea of relinguishing tradtional control in favor of knowing when to control and knowing when to leave alone. And this whole process of leaving alone is something that I call “rewilding”.”